The Modular Wetland Systems utilize a proprietary blend of bioretention media that outperforms standard sand filters, bioretention systems, and standard subsurface flow wetlands.  WetlandMEDIA provides greater plant growth, moisture retention, evapotranspiration, and pollutant removal while traditional bioretention media, consisting of compost/organics and sand, has been known to have negative effects РLeaching nutrients.

“Ideal for phosphorus impaired water bodies and nutrient TMDLs.”

Versus Bioretention Media


  • No Organics
  • Removes Phosphorus
  • 48% Void Space
  • Greater Surface Area
  • Maximum Evapotranspiration
  • High Ion Exchange Capacity
  • Light Weight

Disadvantages of Other Bioretention Media

  • Contains Organics
  • May Leach Phosphorus
  • 40% Void Space
  • Minimal Surface Area