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Modular Wetland Systems portfolio of stormwater products are trusted systems and solutions chosen again and again by Civil Engineers, General Contractors, Developers, and Landscape Architects for their range, versatility, and proven success. Our seasoned and detailed team of engineers and consultants have years of experience in the industry comparing all stormwater products, and they are ready to assist with any challenges, custom projects and designs.

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MWS Linear stormwater products rendering

MWS Linear  stormwater products under treatment stormwater products under volume control

Our flagship product, the MWS Linear, is a single stormwater biofiltration system. It is the only stormwater system utilizing horizontal flow biofiltration and multiple treatment stages – making it the most versatile system on the market.

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MWS Downspout stormwater products rendering

MWS Downspout  stormwater products under treatment

The MWS Downspout stormwater filter is an adaptation of our flagship MWS Linear and is designed to be used specifically as an above ground planter box for the treatment of stormwater roof runoff.

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WetPave  stormwater treatment stormwater volume control stormwater volume reduction

WetPave maximizes buildable land with the use of permeable pavers to collect and store stormwater runoff under parking lots, driveways, streets or walkways.

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