Our History

A Brief History of Bio Clean

Since 1999, Bio Clean has been leading the stormwater industry and developing products to meet regulations and satisfy clients, but where did we start? How has stormwater grown and how has Bio Clean contributed to the advancement of stormwater pollution prevention?

The Stormwater Standard since 1999

Founding Bio Clean Environmental Services, Inc.

Like many great start-up companies, Bio Clean began in a California garage. Greg & Janet Kent began their careers in the construction industry and in 1999 they had a Bio Augmentation business with a string of small contracts serving military facilities in the San Diego County. As savvy entrepreneurs seem to do, they saw the potential of a growing need for something new! Reliable stormwater solutions. Through years of hard work, innovation and hustle, they’ve grown the business into an industry power house with a portfolio of over a dozen products and proudly employing over 45 people.


Bio Clean on the news

Break out in Santa Barbara, CA

An energetic advisory and solutions campaign paid off in 2001, when Santa Barbara County awarded Bio Clean with its first big installation contract of 50 filters. The same educational campaigns continue to this day and Bio Clean now serves more California municipalities than any other stormwater company.



A History of Aloha

Bio Clean emerged as the top company providing stormwater solutions in Hawaii after 18 months of testing and trials of 3 other companies by the University of Hawaii. Bio Clean continues to lead the market in Hawaii and is currently represented by Geotech Solutions, Inc. based in Kapolei on Oahu.


The Kraken filter testing

An Era of Research & Development

Starting with Modular Wetlands’ industry changing, MWS Linear, Bio Clean embarked on a radical streak of developing their own innovative and effective stormwater technologies. The efforts have really made a difference for the environment and company. The latest product to be unveiled was THE KRAKEN FILTER.


Modular wetlands landing

Modular Wetlands Landing

Since 1973 the EPA has accelerated its enforcement of the Clean Water Act. When Bio Clean and Modular Wetlands launched the MWS Linear and placed it in the heart of Oceanside Harbor, the country and state of California finally had a system that could address more stringent regulations and would continue to operate effectively with lower maintenance costs. The MWS Linear would eventually enter TAPE testing in 2011, and receive General Use Level Designation TAPE approved in 2013.


Greg from Bio Clean Environmental Services

Small Business of the Year

In 2002, Bio Clean, with the help of The Small Business Association (SBA) San Diego, received a loan and the ability to expand. After years of growth and success, the SBA recognized Bio Clean and in 2008 they were awarded the “Small Business of the Year” for all of San Diego and Imperial counties.


MWS Linear testing

Tape Testing for MWS Linear

The Washington State Department of Ecology Technology Assessment Protocol, known as TAPE, is the stormwater
industry’s most stringent and all-encompassing testing protocol worldwide. The MWS Linear system was installed and tested in Portland, Oregon in order to conduct field monitoring with the intent of applying for a GULD for basic (suspended solids), phosphorus, oil, and enhanced (dissolved metals) treatment.


Tape Guld

Tape Approval for MWS Linear

The Washington State Department of Ecology Technology Assessment Protocol (known as TAPE) issued GULD for the MWS Linear system for multiple treatment categories. See Approval Letter.
The MWS Linear received:

General use level designation (GULD) for Basic treatment (TSS)
General use level designation (GULD) for Phosphorus treatment (TP)
General use level designation (GULD) for Enhanced treatment (Dissolved Zinc & Copper)



Stormwater down under

In 2013, Bio Clean made its first international deal and has a number of products now available ‘down under’, via SPEL Environmental of Australia.


The Kraken filter

Unleashed the Kraken

Research and development of The Kraken (Membrane) Filter gave Bio Clean a new highly effective and versatile stormwater product. The Kraken Filter’s low loading rate successfully overcomes high maintenance requirements and frequent clogging issues often found in other filter systems advertising high loading rates. Learn More Here


NJCAT logo

Kraken NJCAT Verification

Based on third party testing of the Kraken Membrane Filtration System, assessments were made and NJCAT verification was met or exceeded. Learn More Here



NJDEP Certification

2016 is the year of the Kraken. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection was impressed with the Kraken Membrane Filter’s test results and they also recognized the system with a new certification. Learn More Here



Forterra Acquires Bio Clean Environmental Services and Modular Wetland Systems

IRVING, Texas (August 3, 2016) – Forterra, a manufacturer of water and drainage pipe and products, today announced that it has acquired affiliated companies Bio Clean Environmental Services, Inc. (“Bio Clean”) and Modular Wetland Systems, Inc. (“Modular Wetlands”). Learn More Here