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The patented screening system suspended above the sedimentation chambers, captures and stores trash and debris in a dry state. Dry state storage of trash and debris minimizes nutrient leaching, bacterial growth, bad odors, and allows for an easier removal.

NSBB During storm

During Storm Events

  • Filtration Screen – Collects and Stores Trash, Debris, Organics, and Oxygen Demanding Substances Above Standing Water in a Dry State.
  • Turbulence Deflectors – Prevents Re-suspension of Captured Pollutants.

Trash, debris, and organics are captured in the filtration screen as sediments settle to the bottom chambers. Hydrocarbons are removed and absorbed by the boom.

NSBB Between Storm events

Between Storm Events

  • Sediment Chambers – Maximizes TSS Removal and Eliminates Scouring During Extreme Flow Rates.
  • Skimmer & Boom – Collects Hydrocarbons and Controls Flow Velocity which Improves Removal Efficiency.

Trash, debris, and organics are stored in a suspended screen system allowing pollutants to dry out between storm events. This eliminates septic conditions and prevents leaching of plant-based organics into water.


Pre-treatment and diversion eliminate the need for a separate diversion structure. The NSBB’s patented deflector shield system allows the system to be installed inline and provides the unique advantage of providing both pre-treatment and low flow diversion for above ground and underground infiltration basins.


TSS Removal 87%

Phosphorus Removal 70%

Oils & Grease Removal 99%

Copper, Lead & Zinc Removal 98%

Bacteria Removal 68%


California Water Boards

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San Francisco Estuary Partnership

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Univeristy of Massachusetts

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NSBB Maintenance
  • No Confined Space Entry is Required for Servicing
  • Cleaning can be Accessed through Manhole or Hatch above Ground with Vac Truck
  • Separating Pollutants Minimizes Costs – Screen System Allows Gross Solids to be Removed without Vacuuming out Water or Sediment Chambers
  • Screen Systems are Hinged for Easy Access to Sediments Collected in Lower Chambers


  • Low Pick Weights: Delivered in a Top & Bottom to Minimize Weight
  • 1 Hour Set Time: Internal Components are Installed Prior to Delivery
  • Minimal Excavation: Bottom of Structure Less than 4ft. from Invert of Pipe
NSBB Installation

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