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The Grate Inlet Filter and the GISB-MF model (with media) stormwater filters are advanced level filtration devices. Each is highly durable and long lasting filters designed to catch large amounts of sediment, debris, and enhanced models further increase removal efficiencies.

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The GISB (Grate Inlet Filter) has been successfully used on numerous new construction and retrofit projects. The system’s superior durability and customization make it ideal for a wide range of stormwater applications:
Parking Lots | Roadways | Bioswale Bypass Structures.


GISB Filter

TSS Removal 86%
Oils & Grease Removal 54%
Phosphorus Removal 71%
Nitrogen Removal 60%

GISB Media Filter

Fine TSS Removal 85%
Dissolved Phosphorus Removal 69%
Copper Removal 95%
Lead Removal 87%
Zinc Removal 95%
Fecal Coliform (Bacteria) Removal 68%
Oils & Grease Removal 95%

Maintenance & Installation

Maintenance on this GISB can either be done with a shovel, a small shop vac or a standard vacuum truck. Since Bio Clean filters contain no fabrics or netting there is no chance of accidental tearing or breakage during cleaning.


1. Remove Grates. Access Filter.


2. Remove Skimmer Tray. Vacuum Debris.


3. Remove Old Hydrocarbon Boom with a New One.


4. Replace Skimmer Tray & Grates.

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Project Profiles

Get clear examples of how this stormwater product will perform in the field and meet immediate engineering challenges, stormwater needs and regulations. Here are Bio Clean stories.

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