Stormwater Management Products


Kraken Details
The Kraken filter logo
  • $0.00 Media Replacement Cost

  • Maximum Surface Area

  • Lowest Cost / CFS Treated

Modular Wetland Details
Modular Wetlands logo
  • Washington State TAPE Approval

  • New Stormwater Technology

  • Rejuvenate Water Ways in Urban Areas

Tape Guld
Water Polisher Details
water polisher logo
  • Passive Self-Cleaning

  • Zero Fall Requirements

  • Advanced Pre-Treatment

BioGard Details
BioGard logo
  • 5 Minute Maintenance

  • Custom Sizes Available

  • Protects Bioretention Systems

Media Flume Details
Media flume logo
  • Easy Maintenance

  • Quick Installation

  • Customized Configuration & Sizes

Curb Inlet (CIB) Details
Curb Inlet logo
  • Works in Any Catch Basin

  • No Nets or Geofabrics

  • Meets LEED Requirements

NSBB Details
NSBB logo
  • Dual Stage Treatment

  • Enhanced 3 Chambered Separation

  • Separates Trash From Sediment & Water

Water Boards
Downspout Details
Downspout Logo
  • No Nets or Geofabrics

  • High Treatment Flow Rate

  • High Bypass Flow Rate

Grate Inlet (GISB) Details
Grate Inlet logo
  • Custom Sizes Available

  • Nearly No Replacement Costs

  • No Nets or Geofabrics

Round Curb Inlet (R-GISB) Details
Round Curb Inlet logo
  • Works in Any Size Catch Basin

  • No Nets or Geofabrics

  • Meets LEED Requirements

Water Gate ARS Details
watergate logo
  • Patented Front-pivot Design Provides a Natural Closing Force

  • Receptors Manually Lock Open from the Street

  • Only 5 Individual Fabricated Parts, 8 Total

BioSorb Booms Details
BioSorb Booms logo
  • Control and absorb oil and hydrocarbons on any surface, including water

  • Control oil contamination in stormwater runoff

  • Absorb hydrocarbon vapors and fumes

Curb Guard Details
Curb Guard logo
  • First Line of Defense for Inlets

  • Structural BMP That Prevents Debris & Litter from Entering the Storm Drain

  • Retrofits Any Existing Basin