Water Polisher

Water Polisher

The Bio Clean Water Polisher is an advanced stormwater treatment system utilizing an up flow media filter with built-in pre-treatment. The patented design provides double chambered separation to remove large to fine sediments from stormwater run off. This configuration prevents clogging challenges found with downward flow media filters. The Water Polisher is a favored solution nationwide among civil engineers, municipalities, and developers for its simple media replacement procedures and internal bypass mechanism. 



  • 85% Removal of TSS (Sil-Co-Sil 106)
  • 70% Removal of Phosphorus
  • 99% Removal of Oils & Grease
  • 72% - 98% Removal of Copper, Lead & Zinc
  • 68% Removal of Bacteria (Fecal Coliform)


  • Dual Stage Treatment (Separation & Media Filtration)
  • 2 Chambered Separation for Pre-Treatment
  • Up Flow Technology Minimizes Maintenance
  • Minimal Fall Requirements
  • Easily Installed Online (Internal Bypass)


Built-in diversion eliminates the need for diversion structures. 

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