MWS Linear for Downspout Applications

The MWS Linear for Downspout Applications has been successfully used on numerous new construction and retrofit projects. The system’s superior versatility makes it beneficial for a wide range of stormwater and waste water applications – treating rooftops, industrial sites and more.
MWS Linear for Downspout Applications include:


Many states enforce strict regulations for discharges from industrial sites. The MWS Downspout has helped various sites meet difficult EPA mandated effluent limits for dissolved metals and other pollutants.


Low to high density developments can benefit from the versatile design of the MWS Downspout. The system can be used in both decentralized LID design and cost-effective end-of-the-line configurations.


Compared to bioretention systems, the MWS Downspout can treat far more area in less space – meeting treatment and volume control requirements.

Mixed Use

The MWS Downspout can be installed as a raised planter to treat runoff from rooftops or patios, making it perfect for sustainable “live-work” spaces.


Low Impact Development


Waste Water