The Kraken Membrane Filter

Verified by NJCAT & Certified by NJDEP

The Kraken filter flyer

The Kraken® Filter provides higher treatment flow rates in a smaller footprint. Each 7.5 inch diameter filter cartridge has 170 sq. ft. of media surface area. The Kraken® Filter’s low loading rate successfully overcomes high maintenance requirements and frequent clogging issues often found in other filter systems advertising high loading rates.

NJCAT letter

NJCAT Verification

  • Verified by NJCAT and approved by NJDEP
  • 89% Overall removal efficiency for TSS
  • Did not clog or go into bypass over 33 test runs and 434 pounds of sediment
  • Testing was done using a TSS particle size distribution with a d50 of 52 microns


NJDEP Certification
State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection
“The NJDEP certifies the use of the Kraken Stormwater Filtration System by BioClean Environmental Service, Inc., at a TSS removal rate of 80%, when designed, operated and maintained in accordance with the information provided…”


NJDEP Verification On-line Approval
The New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) original Verification Report of February 2016 for the Kraken limited its use to off-line installation only. In its April 4, 2016, correspondence to the NJDEP, NJCAT submitted an addendum to that February 2016 Report, indicating the NJDEP Filter Protocol dated January 2013 for on-line installations were met or exceeded. No other requirements within the NJDEP’s March 16, 2016, certification have changed.

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