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Our dry casting method means large volume projects can be manufactured and delivered in a fraction of the time of typical systems.


A FastCast system is a cost-effective solution for sites where stormwater needs to be detained and allowed to discharge at a controlled rate. Inflow/outflow lines, equalization manifolds and inter-box ports are engineered into the system.

Retaining stormwater for harvest and reuse is an ideal application for a FastCast system. The gasketed connections alleviate the issues of leaking and/or site contamination of stored water.

Using a FastCast system to infiltrate stormwater into the soil for natural treatment and groundwater recharge can prevent flooding and erosion problems caused by unregulated flows of torrential downpours. Infiltration voids are cast per site specifications.

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Maintenance & Installation

Ease of installation

  • Bio Clean FastCast boxes can be easily positioned in shallow or deep fill installations.
  • No special backfill requirements mean installation is simplified.
  • FastCast boxes are dry cast and pre-gasketed which means projects can be made quickly and delivered ready to set with a leak resistant joint – exceeding ASTM standards.

Proprietary Manufacturing & National Presence

  • Our production facilities stretch from coast to coast across the U.S. and into Canada giving us the flexibility to quickly respond to meet any design criteria and deliver nationally to just-in-time requirements.