The Bio Clean Mission

To provide you with the best stormwater management solution.

Our comprehensive line of treatment and detention/retention technologies means optimal choice and design flexibility. Each product is backed by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experienced stormwater professionals. We provide stormwater filters that operate more effectively and last longer. All products are constructed of high quality materials, designed for superior performance and easy maintenance.

The Bio Clean Principals

Bio Clean Sets a Higher Standard for Stormwater Treatment. The following principles define and guide how our company operates on a daily basis, both within the company’s culture and in the communities where we do business:

If you are looking for quality products and sound engineering Bio Clean sets the standard. We use only the finest materials in our filter systems. We are so confident in the durability of our filters that we back them with a 5 year unlimited warranty. The best warranty in the industry!

Better quality means better reliability. The materials used in our filters, stainless steel and UV coated marine grade fiberglass, are proven to last for many years. Our filters have been installed in the field since 1992. We guarantee that our filters do not contain nets or fabrics which can easily rip and tear. With our filters you can rest assured that they will keep you in compliance for many years to come.

Environmental Responsibility
Through our passion for preserving and improving the quality of stormwater, we strive to be responsible stewards of the environment; we lend that passion to all we do. Donation of our products and services along with support of other environmental organization is an important part of who we are.

On the cutting edge with new and innovative solutions, we are visionaries who encourage and support the “kaizen” business philosophy. The result, our company continues to develop a new standard in treatment, including: higher quality, easier maintenance, cheaper replacement costs, better performance and common sense approaches.