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How are BioSorb oil absorbing polymers unique? BioSorb oil absorbing polymers function by first attracting hydrocarbons to the surface of the polymer to adsorb the liquid, followed immediately by internally absorbing the media into its structure. BioSorb oil absorbing polymers will not absorb water, which lends the material a unique usefulness for separating and collecting hydrocarbons from water mixtures. Most notably, the polymer can commonly absorb from 20% to 200% or more of its own weight in chemical or petroleum derived liquids. Furthermore, because of the unique absorption characteristic of the material, BioSorb becomes dry to the touch shortly after sorption.


• Stormwater Filters
• Concentrate Carrier Material for Liquid Additives
• Removing Oil or Chemicals from Contaminated Water Streams
• Industrial Work Area Collection Mats
• Spill Containment and Collection
• Odor Barrier/Collector for Flavor Oils and Fragrances
• Collection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

BioSorb Booms Installed


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