BioMediaGREEN is an amazing material changing the way we think of filtration media. Most systems utilize a granular media that needs to be contained, is heavy in weight, and difficult to replace. In contrast, BioMediaGREEN comes in lightweight blocks making it inexpensive to ship and simple to replace.
This particular media is present in a few capacities within the MWS Linear stormwater system. First, it is utilized in the pre-treatment stage within the pre-filter cartridges. There is over 25 sq.ft. of surface area per cartridge and the media itself removes over 80% of TSS and 90% of hydrocarbons. Another ultimate advantage of the pre-filter cartridges is that it prevents pollutants that cause clogging from migrating to the main stage, the biofiltration chamber.
Second, the plant propagation layer of media bed on the surface of the MWS Linear creates a heardy layer supports and sustains vegetation.

“Microfiber, web-like structure captures the smallest particles.”



  • Made of various oxides to promote ion exchange of dissolved pollutants.
  • 80% void space allows for double the contact time compared to granular media.
  • Excellent physical filtration capacity and hydraulic capacity.
  • Perlite can also be used.
Pollutant Removal Efficiency
Total Suspended Solids 85%
Oils & Grease 91%